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Get to know the dedicated board members and passionate staff behind The Willett Foundation. We come from all walks of life and are united in our passion to make a difference and lasting change in the lives of those in need in the Washington area. Our team is made up of highly trained experts in a variety of fields. Read on to learn more about who we are and what we do.

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For Christopher Willett, the valuable skill sets he’s gained and the relationships he’s built throughout academia have been well worth the investment. Raised in Kitsap County, Chris had aspirations to travel the world and learn how to give back to the community that raised him. One of the biggest advantages to traveling was that Chris learned about the laws disproportionately effecting civilians of low socioeconomic status and has seen solutions to aiding the struggles of homelessness. Chris plans to use his knowledge to support those effected by homelessness in Washington and in his hometown Port Orchard in particular. 
But it’s not only the skills he’s gained that have been most important to him; it’s the people he’s connected with, too. The Willett Foundation has been created to be a safe haven for the collective ideas towards combatting homelessness. The founding ties to this non-profit were drawn from experiences inside Kitsap County and all across the world. Chris is an attorney who serves the United States government overseas and has witnessed homelessness comes in all shapes and sizes. During his time as an attorney and academic, Chris was dedicated to providing assistance to those who have experienced tragic life occurrences like the loss of loved ones, employment, domestic violence, divorce and family disputes. In addition to his experience, charitable vision and ties to Kitsap County, Chris has created a non-profit to bring people together and improve our communities with enthusiasm.

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